This Week in HPC: HPC Gets the Drop on Design Simulation: Collaboration with Dell, Intel, and Altair

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logoCan HPC make your cell phone indestructible? In this special edition of the This Week in HPC podcast, Michael Feldman and Addison Snell from Intersect360 Research discuss a collaboration between Dell, Intel, and Altair to advance design simulation.

Dell, Intel and Altair have collaborated to analyze a virtual drop test solution with integrated simulation and optimization analysis, delivering proven gains in speed and accuracy. With this solution, engineers can explore more design alternatives for improved product robustness and reliability. As a result, manufacturers can significantly reduce the time to develop high-performing designs, improving product quality while minimizing time to delivery.

Guest speakers include Stephan Gillich from Intel, Martin Hilgeman from Dell, and Eric Lequiniou from Altair.

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