Making the Hybrid Cloud Work for HPC

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The cloud model is here to stay. In fact, more organizations are expanding their infrastructure directly into some type of cloud platform. Initially, there were concerns about the operation of a cloud. It was a new technology, adoption was low, and many businesses were worried about resources. The modern cloud has come a long way. Organizations clearly see the direct benefits of working with a powerful hybrid cloud infrastructure.

IBM Cloud ServiceAs more applications and computing resources move to the cloud, enterprises will become more dependent on cloud vendors, whether the issue is access, hosting, management, or any number of other services. Even in today’s IT environment, cloud consumers want to avoid vendor lock-in—having only one cloud provider. They want to know that they will have visibility into data and systems across multiple platforms and providers. They want to be able to move servers and storage around without a negative impact on application availability. With all of that in mind – is your infrastructure facing some growth challenges?

  • Are infrastructure limitations holding you back?
  • Users struggling with access to sufficient compute resources?
  • Resources tapped out during peak demand times?
  • Lack of budget, space or power to the environment?

In this webcast from IBM – you’ll learn about the recently announced new Platform Computing cloud service delivering hybrid cloud optimized for analytics and technical computing applications. The offering provides:

  • Ready to run IBM Platform LSF & Symphony clusters in the cloud
  • Seamless workload management, on premise and in the cloud
  • 24×7 cloud operation technical support
  • Dedicated, isolated physical machines for complete security

During the webcast, you’ll see why the general purpose cloud may not be the best fit for your organization. From there, you need to address the direct challenges revolving around your business and technology pain points. This is where the IBM Platform Computing Cloud Service can help. This type of platform helps make the cloud work for you by introducing a very agile and powerful hybrid cloud mode. For your hybrid cloud model to work – you’ll learn about two key aspects:

The Solution

  • Fully supported, end-to-end solution, extending from the on-premise to the cloud.
  • Fully functioning IBM Platform LSF or Symphony clusters provisioned directly on the SoftLayer Cloud.

The Value

  • Access to additional compute capacity on a temporary basis as needed
  • Reduce cost by paying for only what is used
  • Pay for additional capacity as an operating expense
  • Delivery transparent access to cloud resource – directly optimizing the end-user experience

Join IBM for this brief 20-minute webcast to learn how IBM offers a complete end-to-end hybrid cloud solution that may be key to improving your organization’s effectiveness and expediting time to market for your products. Click here to watch it now.