MVAPICH: Still Saving the World – Now Even Faster

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Adam Moody, LLNL

Adam Moody, LLNL

In this video from the 2nd Annual MVAPICH User Group (MUG) Meeting, Adam Moody from Lawrence Livermore National Lab presents: MVAPICH: Still Saving the World – Now Even Faster.

MPI is in the national interest. The U.S. government tasks Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory with solving the nation’s and the world’s most difficult problems. This ranges from global security, disaster response and planning, drug discovery, energy production, and climate change to name a few. To meet this challenge, LLNL scientists utilize large-scale computer simulations on Linux clusters with Infiniband networks. As such, MVAPICH serves a critical role in this effort. In this talk, I will highlight some of this recent work that MVAPICH has enabled.

Download the Slides (PDF)

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