The NFL, Big Data, and HPC

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rogersOver at the Adaptive Computing Blog, David Beer writes that the NFL plans to equip players on the field with radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags that will provide a flood of data for tracking and simulation.

HPC is also well suited to handle the different use cases that will arise from the different kinds of data analysis that people will want to run. For example, some people may well want to develop a simulation complete with graphics to represent what happened and to show different wrinkles on how the play might be run. This kind of analysis would need nodes that have sufficient memory and graphical capabilities to render the play as desired. Other analysis might involve larger data sets that span years of how a player has performed, while others might need only the most basic capabilities. HPC software, such as Moab, handles these use cases comfortably. As the data accumulates, use cases will mature and the need for HPC solutions will be amplified. Simply put, the NFL’s new endeavor demonstrates again that data is engulfing our world, and the power of computing has the potential to change everything we do.

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