The Ubercloud: Technical Computing Marketplace

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In this video from the San Francisco HPC Meetup, Burak Yanier explains technical computing with the power of The Ubercloud.

Successful companies use a lot of computing power (sometimes even High Performance Computing, HPC) to build better products, faster, cheaper. They have the options today to use workstation, cluster, and cloud computing resources. Are you looking for ways to speed up your product design and development cycles? Is increasing productivity of your engineers and researchers important to you? Learn how you can access remote computers as a service, tuned for engineering and research, at professionally managed, secure data centers. UberCloud offers free case studies, webinars, and discussion forums. You can now discover how to utilize Computing as a Service to make your own business more competitive. To start, please click on your area of research: Aerodynamics, Fluid Flow, Multi Physics, Finite Element Analysis, Computational ChemistryLife Sciences.

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