Video: HPC Cluster Computing from 64 to 156,000 Cores

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Jason Stowe

Jason Stowe, CEO, Cycle Computing

In this video from ChefConf 2014 in San Francisco, Cycle Computing CEO Jason Stowe outlines the biggest challenge facing us today, Climate Change, and suggests how Cloud HPC can help find a solution, including ideas around Climate Engineering, and Renewable Energy.

As proof points, Jason uses three use cases from Cycle Computing customers, including from companies like HGST (a Western Digital Company), Aerospace Corporation, Novartis, and the University of Southern California. It’s clear that with these new tools that leverage both Cloud Computing, and HPC – the power of Cloud HPC enables researchers, and designers to ask the right questions, to help them find better answers, faster. This all delivers a more powerful future, and means to solving these really difficult problems.

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  1. Very cool talk Jason. I think cloud-based HPC is very under appreciated and has all the potential (and more) that you talk about here. I would be interested in knowing of cloud providers who are able to outfit reasonable sized clusters (1,024 nodes) with low-latency networks like IB.

    Keep up the great work.