Agenda Posted: HPC Advisory Council China Conference

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2014_chinaThe HPC Advisory Council has posted the agenda for their upcoming China Conference. The event takes place Nov. 5, 2014 in Guangzhou, China.

The workshop will focus on HPC productivity, and advanced HPC topics and futures, and will bring together system managers, researchers, developers, computational scientists and industry affiliates to discuss recent developments and future advancements in High-Performance Computing.

Speakers include:

  • Prof Yunquan Zhang from HPC China
  • Gilad Shainer, HPC Advisory Council Chairman
  • Dr. Pavan Balaji, Computer Scientist, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Dr. Richard Moore, Deputy Director, San Diego Supercomputer Center
  • Lian Jin, HPC support, Inpusr
  • Richard Graham, MPI Forum – Steering Committee Member
  • Dr. DAI Rong, HPC product director, Sugon
  • Dr. Hao Chu, Deputy general manager and CTO of Standard Cloud Technologies
  • DK Panda, Ohio State University
  • Christian Kniep, QNIB Inc
  • JC Baratault, AMD
  • Prof Xuanhua Shi, Huazhong University of Science and Technology
  • Dr. Meng Guo, National Supercomputer Center in Jinan, Assistant Research Fellow
  • Dr. Dazhi Kou, Shanghai Supercomputing Center
  • Jack Dongarra, University of Tennessee

The conference is free to HPC China attendees and to the HPC Advisory Council members. Register now.