Bits, Bytes and BTUs: Warm Water Liquid Cooling at NREL

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In this video from the 2014 HPC User Forum in Seattle, Steven Hammond from NREL presents: Bits, Bytes and BTUs: Warm Water Liquid Cooling at NREL.

NREL’s HPC center is home to the largest HPC system in the world dedicated to advancing renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. The HPC capabilities of the center propel technology innovation as a research tool by which scientists and engineers find new ways to tackle our nation’s energy challenges—challenges that cannot be addressed through traditional experimentation alone. These efforts will save time and money, significantly improve the likelihood of breakthroughs and useful advances, and reduce risks and uncertainties that are often barriers to industries that wish to adopt new and innovative technologies. In addition, the HPC data center is one of the most energy efficient data centers in the world, featuring warm-water liquid cooling, and waste heat capture and re-use to reduce energy use and lower costs.

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