Call for Participation: HPCAC-ISC 2015 Student Cluster Competition

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Call_for_Submissions_for_HPCAC-ISC_2015_Student_Cluster_Competition_ml_1Today the HPC Advisory Council announced their Call for Participation in the 2015 Student Cluster Competition at the ISC High Performance conference.

The 11 teams selected will receive the opportunity to build a small cluster of their design and run a series of benchmarks and applications in real time for four days, on the ISC 2015 exhibition floor.

The HPCAC-ISC Student Cluster Competition is designed to introduce the next generation to the international high performance computing (HPC) community. This is an excellent educational opportunity for students around the world to showcase their knowledge and skillsets and to engage with leading commercial vendors.

(Left to Righ) Chenhui Quan, Konstantinos Mouzakitis, Emmanouil Farsarakis (Manos) and Georgios Iniatis.

Meet the Winners. (Left to Righ) Chenhui Quan, Konstantinos Mouzakitis, Emmanouil Farsarakis (Manos) and Georgios Iniatis.

Students who participate in these competitions find it jumpstarts their careers in technology and research. The major players in the HPC industry will also be at this event, seeking young people for their training programs and to help develop the next generation of HPC experts. The organizers have also witnessed universities using this event as a way to increase the breadth and depth of their HPC curriculums.

Team preparation prior to the competition includes working with supervisors and vendor partners to design and build a winning cluster from commercially available components. Students will have to be aware of power limitations in addition to learning the behavior and characteristics of the HPC applications.

The competition will conclude on the fourth day with an awards ceremony, which will take place on the ISC 2015 keynote stage in front of a large room full of attendees. Teams will be recognized in different categories.

In this video from the 2-14 HPCAC Europe Conference, Gilad Shainer from the HPC Advisory Council moderates a round table of advisors for the Student Cluster Challenge.

Sponsoring Opportunities

The organizers also offer HPC vendors and high-tech enterprises opportunities to sponsor the SCC in a variety of ways. All sponsorship funds will flow directly into the competition, enabling the students to travel to Frankfurt and participate in the competition for four days in a comfortable environment. For more information about sponsorship and general questions please e-mail

Applications should be submitted no later than November 14. The announcement of the accepted teams will be made at SC14 in New Orleans on November 19.

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  1. I think we need to have some strong teams to dethrone those South African students – they’ve been on a roll these past couple of years.