Commercial Grade Lustre File Systems

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This fourth article is an editorial series that explores high performance storage and the benefits of Lustre solutions for HPC. This week we look at commercial grade lustre solutions for business.

With the release of Intel Enterprise Edition (EE) for Lustre software, commercial customers have an opportunity to employ a production-ready version of Lustre optimized for business HPDA.  Intel EE for Lustre includes the open source distribution of Lustre with the latest features, fully tested and supported by Intel, a major collaborator in the development of the Lustre parallel file system.

The value added in this distribution of Lustre software enables businesses with large-scale, HPC-class data throughput challenges to employ the performance and scalability of Lustre, but with streamlined installation, configuration, monitoring, and management features built specifically for the commercial data center.

Lustre software brings a number of competitive benefits to a broad range of business and commercial organizations:

Intel Enterprise Edition for Lustre Building Blocks

Intel Enterprise Edition for Lustre Building Blocks


The Lustre parallel file system is inherently designed to deliver fully parallel I/O across many clients, servers, and storage devices with typical configurations experiencing rates of 500 to 750 gigabytes per second.  This means that Lustre can deliver high volumes of data to business critical applications for nearly real time analysis.

High performance also means that businesses can run larger and more complex applications and data sets faster than previously attempted with greater efficiency and higher utilization of the enterprise’s storage and networking infrastructure while lowering overhead costs.

Next week’s article will look at lustre scalability. If you prefer you can download the complete guide to Lustre Solutions in a PDF from the insideHPC White Paper Library courtesy of Intel.