New Report: Scaling Ansys in the Cloud

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A newly published report by Techila Technologies and Cargotec‘s MacGregor looks at reducing the cost of ANSYS HPC system ownership with cloud services integrated to the enterprise IT. This report looks at computing clouds as a platform for engineering simulation, and how to manage the software license costs related to ANSYS computing.

The role of computing is critical in MacGregor’s business. Nearly all marine structural components are custom designed for a specific application. Tendering stages are quick, and producing a price quote and an initial design proposal need support from the computing. The hectic nature of business causes fluctuating workloads to computing. Building readiness to respond to this challenge requires either a HPC solution, which is designed to the average peak workload, or a new kind of HPC solution, which can provide the required elasticity by other means,” says Project Manager Jouni Lehtinen, MacGregor Finland.

ansysThis study showed that there are scenarios where ANSYS users can improve the TCO of their HPC systems by integrating cloud services to their enterprise IT. These users include businesses, which have highly variable computing workloads in parallelizable computing problems. This Techila Technologies and MacGregor study includes an analysis of eCADFEM‘s Engineering Software on Demand service with the leading public computing clouds Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Compute Engine.

Based on the experience of Techila Technologies, problems related to optimization of a large number of design variables, sensitivity analysis, and scenario simulations are good examples of simulation areas, where large-scale distributed computing and cloud technologies can offer valuable benefits,” says Vice President Tuomas Eerola, Techila Technologies.

When performing tests related to this study, the project team noticed that the usability of a cloud-powered ANSYS computing solution can benefit significantly of a solution which orchestrates the enablement of cloud-based processing. An orchestration solution, such as the Techila HPC middleware, can simplify the IT management and end-user experience which will show as a faster ROI and better productivity.

Download the report: ANSYS In Cloud – Scaling Up Computational Capacity.

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