SC14 to Host World’s Fastest Computer Network

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imgresToday SC14 announced that the conference is building the world’s fastest network – SCinet, which will serve all of the expected 10,000+ conference attendees and 325 exhibitors in New Orleans. This network will be built the week of November 10th by a team of experts from around the world. On average, an undertaking of this magnitude would normally take 6-8 months. Private media tours may be possible.

SCinet will feature more bandwidth than any other network in the world.


  • Close to 1 Terabit of bandwidth
  • Nearly 90 miles of fiber optic cable deployed throughout the Convention Center
  • Over $20 million in loaned state-of-the-art equipment from the world’s leading network vendors
  • Specialized software that allows attendees to view the inner workings of the network’s usage in real-time
  • Over 110 volunteers representing 58 global organizations spanning academia, government and industry have participated in building SCinet

Why is so much bandwidth required? Basic scientific research today produces massive petabytes of data that need to be shared globally by researchers and analyzed by supercomputers. This is critical for scientists to solve challenges like hurricane predictions, pandemics, finding cleaner energy technologies, understanding climate change and developing new cancer drugs. The Supercomputing Conference builds this network each year to allow researchers and industry to show off new supercomputing applications that will eventually be in home computers in 10-15 years.

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