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Six Myths of HPC for Engineering Simulation, Part II

Wim Slagter, Lead Product Manager for HPC at ANSYS

Wim Slagter, Lead Product Manager for HPC at ANSYS

Over at the Ansys Blog, Wim Slagter has posted the second segment of his blog post six common myths about HPC for engineering simulation.

Myth #4: “Without internal IT support, HPC cluster adoption is undoable”

I would be really ignorant to state that it is easy to deploy and manage a HPC cluster. As a matter of fact, sizing, building, integrating, provisioning and supporting a cluster infrastructure requires highly specialized IT expertise that is often lacking users of engineering simulation software. From the survey (as referred to by the first part of the blog), we also know that lack of time and expertise to specify hardware configurations is for 34% of the respondents a top barrier to adopting or expanding new HPC resources. Nevertheless, I can counter this myth #4 because ANSYS has teamed up with HPC strategic partners (like Intel, NVIDIA, HP, IBM, and Fujitsu) to make specification and deployment of HPC easier for you.

Slagter lists the other HPC Myths as follows:

  • HPC is only useful for CFD simulations.
  • I don’t need HPC – my job is running fast enough.
  • Without internal IT support, HPC cluster adoption is undoable.
  • Parallel scalability is all about the same, right?
  • HPC software and hardware are relative expensive.

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