Spectra Steps up to TS1150 Tape Technology

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spectraToday Spectra Logic announced the integration of IBM TS1150 Tape Technology drives and media in three of its enterprise tape libraries: the Spectra T380, T950 and T-Finity. According to the company, Spectra now provides the largest modular tape library in density and capacity on the planet, the T-Finity; and is also the only vendor to provide an enterprise tape drive in a rack-mounted library, the T380.

IBM TS1150

IBM TS1150

Spectra tape libraries with IBM TS1150 tape technology aim to address two major issues for data intensive environments by increasing capacity at the same time as throughput,” said Steve Conway, IDC research VP, High Performance Computing “The new technology is designed to enable high-performance computing and Fortune 500 customers to solve data management challenges by storing more data and retrieving it faster.”


  • Spectra T-Finity: 380 PB in a 40-frame library; more than 3EB in an eight-library complex
  • Spectra T950: 76PB in an eight-frame library
  • Spectra T380: 2.6PB in a 28RU rack-mounted library

With a 150 percent increase in capacity and 45 percent increase in data rate over TS1140 Tape Technology, TS1150 Tape Technology provides the fastest tape drive and largest capacity tape media technology built to date. The new TS1150 tape cartridges are quadruple the capacity of the LTO-6 tapes with an industry-leading 10TB at an uncompressed throughput of 360 MB/s. This dramatic increase in capacity means customers using libraries with TS Technology can increase density rather than expanding outward, using the simplicity and efficiency of increasingly advanced technology to manage storage needs.

IBM’s TS1150 Tape Technology’s significant advancement in density and capacity will enable customers of all sizes to store more data faster, within budgets,” said Matt Starr, chief technology officer of Spectra Logic. “The lion’s share of tape library acquisition costs are associated with tape media itself. TS1150’s tape cartridge pricing is now in line with competing formats, extending the new generation’s benefits beyond the elite, top tier environments. “As we mark our 35th year, Spectra is delighted to offer the world’s largest capacity and highest transfer rate tape drive across its line of libraries, including the only rack-mounted system available with TS1150 Technology, the 2.6PB capacity T380 library.”

Spectra Logic will begin shipping IBM TS1150 Tape Technology in its T380, T950 and T-Finity tape libraries in November 2014.

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