StackEngine Startup Emerges to Automate Docker

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StackEngine_Lo_FF1-e1398284107204Today Docker developer StackEngine formally exited stealth mode and announced $1M in seed funding from Silverton Partners and LiveOak Venture Partners. Currently in private alpha, StackEngine plans to use the current round of funding to move towards general availability later in Q4 of this year.

Developers are rapidly adopting Docker’s new approach and, in turn, organizations are desperately seeking tools and best practices to help them quickly and simply launch Docker-developed products and services. All of this has created an operations bottleneck, which StackEngine is aggressively attacking.

We deeply believe that automation is the answer to an emergent problem in Docker and container technologies,” said StackEngine CEO and Co-founder Bob Quillin. “We also believe a new and radically different approach is needed. Containerization instantly shifts the problem up the stack. StackEngine bridges that gap and gives enterprises the ability to deliver product faster, deploy more frequently, operate more reliably and run wherever is most optimal.”

Today, the container ecosystem is a management desert, lacking modern management tools, automation tools or even best practices for operations teams to leverage. Tools like Chef and Puppet were built to automate systems, not containers, and are too complex and low level to solve these new problems. StackEngine, however, offers solutions by helping operations teams bootstrap Docker into production, and discover, visualize, and manage small- to large-scale Docker deployments, and intelligently automate change and configuration management for containers.

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