Video: Lustre HSM at NCI in Australia

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In this video from the LAD’14 Conference in Reims, Daniel Rodwell from the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) in Australia presents: Lustre HSM.

The NCI data store architecture recognises three functional ‘spaces’: Scratch, Project, Collections. These three broadly correspond to persistence (and access) associated with computations, projects and archives respectively. Currently there are two main classes of storage which support the NCI Collection Space: Lustre (disk) and HSM (tape). Planned capacity of the storage is determined more by costs and available funds than by need. An initial scoping exercise indicated a short term need of around 18 PB Lustre and 21 PB HSM. However, cost estimates at the time and bounds of power consumption and NCI funds available limited proposed Lustre capacity to around 7 PB.

Download the Slides (PDF) * See more talks in the LAD’14 Video Gallery

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