2015 ISC High Performance Conference to Offer Greater Diversity

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logoToday the organizers of ISC High Performance Conference announced that the 2015 technical content will be strikingly broader in subject matter, differentiated and timely. Formerly known as the International Supercomputing Conference, the event will celebrate its 30th anniversary in Frankfurt, from July 12 – 16.

Topics for the technical content have been selected under the direction of the ISC 2015 Program Chair, Prof Dr. Arndt Bode, along with a dedicated team of 39 experts serving as the conference’s steering committee. These individuals bring their own research interests and areas of focus into the program, thus opening up the 2015 invited talks to a range of unique topics and speakers. ISC High Performance is the only yearly international HPC forum that introduces over 300 hand-picked speakers to their attendees.

The full program details will be available when the registration opens next March. For the time being, here are the 2015 focus topics:

  • Future Design Concepts of HPC Systems
  • Highly Scalable Operating Systems (including runtime systems)
  • From Big Data to Smart Data
  • Life Sciences: The Next Challenge for HPC
  • HPC Cloud Services in the Financial Sector
  • Highlights from Europe’s Horizon 2020 ICT
  • HPC Trends in the Chip Market
  • HPC in the Public Health Sector
  • Chip and Node Interconnects
  • Human Brain Research Worldwide
  • Global Exascale Status Report
  • Top 10 Exascale Research Topics
  • Memory Systems for HPC and Big Data
  • Quantum Computing
  • HPC in Latin America

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