3M Twin Axial Cable Solution Increases Efficiency of Servers for HPC

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3M’s Twin Axial Cable, with its ultra-flat, foldable ribbon design, is on display this week at SC14. The low-profile capabilities saves a substantial amount of internal space and helps alleviate congestion inside dense server systems. Design engineers have considerably more room for server architecture options. The silhouette  increases airflow for the cooling needed to maintain the high speeds and processing power HPC environments demand.

Industry-standard discrete pair internal high-speed cable assemblies found in high-performance servers are bulky—between 4-8 mm thick. Their size creates awkward configuration and assembly challenges resulting in difficult access to system components and obstructions of  airflow.

Meeting these challenges with a thin, bendable design, 3M’s Twin Axial Cable features a flat ribbon, less than 0.9 mm thick. It has an incredibly tight bending radius that takes up considerably less space, providing improved access to system components. The cable’s pliable format allows for multiple turns and sharp folds with little or no impact on performance in a low profile assembly that provides uniform, reliable signal integrity.

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