5 Reasons to Visit the Intel Booth at SC14

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bernhardtOver at the The Data Stack, Intel HPC Evangelist Mike Bernhardt writes “Five Reasons to Visit the Intel Booth at SC14.”

Besides “amazing demos, presentations, and the Parallel Universe Computing Challenge, Mike describes something intriguing called the Intel Community Hub:

In the spirit of celebrating Intel’s thriving collaboration with the global HPC community, we will have a designated location within Intel’s booth to encourage and foster open community discussion. The Intel Community Hub (Booth #1315) will be a gathering place for community discussion, sharing experiences, and fostering dialogue with Intel experts and community leaders on various topics including:

  • Processor
  • Visualization
  • Fabric
  • Code modernization
  • Software
  • Data Intensive HPC
  • Software Tools

Additionally, scientists and researchers from the Intel Parallel Computing Centers (IPCC) program will be leading various discussion groups in the Community Hub, covering efforts related to code modernization across numerous industries and applications. Don’t miss the discussion groups with IPCC partners, including Georgia Tech, LBNL, PNNL, NCAR, TACC, TU Munich, and others.

The Intel Community Hub will be the gathering place for anyone in the community wanting to meet and talk with subject matter experts in a friendly, comfortable, and stimulating environment.

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