BSC Releases COMPSs Version 1.2 at SC14

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The Grid Computing and Clusters team at Barcelona Supercomputing Center announced a new release, Version 1.2, of the programming environment COMPSs, already available in three main programming languages: Java, C/C++ and Python.

This version of COMPSs provides a set of tools that helps developers program and execute their applications efficiently on distributed computational infrastructures such as clusters, grids and clouds. COMPSs is a task-based programming model known for improving the performance of large-scale applications by automatically parallelising their execution.

The new release supports several implementations of task methods, enabling the scheduler to choose what best suits the needs of the user. Combined with future scheduling policies, this will allow code to be automatically optimized for power or to better suit heterogeneous architectures. To enable new scheduling policies, the runtime has been extended to support pluggable schedulers. The constraint-aware resource management of the runtime has also been improved, while support for multicore tasks is now a new feature. The COMPSs IDE has also been extended to support new features and deployment in clouds.

COMPSs was downloaded more than 500 times last year and is used by around 20 groups in real applications. COMPSs has recently attracted interest from the fields of genomics and biodiversity, where specific courses and dissemination activities have been carried out.

Visit Barcelona Supercomputing Center booth#3427 at SC14.

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