Contemplating Moving Into the Cloud? – Check out CloudyCluster

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High performance computing in the cloud just got a lot easier.

Enterprise Cloud

Enterprise Cloud

Omnibond, the South Carolina-based company that provides development and support services for OrangeFS, has released CloudyCluster just in time for SC14.

The new solution works in conjunction with OrangeFS to ease the burden of creating and maintaining a cloud-based HPC or Big Data infrastructure.  Engineers at Omnibond have characterized CloudyCluster as a “mobile web-driven data center in the cloud.”

The solution provides a simple, web-based interface for mobile, tablet and desktop computing devices to create and manage HPC and Big Data clusters in Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Simplicity Itself

CloudyCluster begins with a management instance that once launched, allows you to work with a series of simple options. Based on your responses, CloudyCluster takes care of the details and sets up a working cluster – all you have to do is submit your HPC or Big Data workloads and enjoy the significantly speeded up time to results.

You have the power to easily spin up an advanced computing infrastructure complete with a variety of HPC and Big Data applications, allowing you to compute, pause, resume, continue computing and then delete when you are finished.

With CloudyCluster you create on-demand compute groups and control the instance type and the scheduler. Amazon’s DynamoDB is used to support the on-demand infrastructure.

CloudyCluster provides a number of advanced features to facilitate HPC in the cloud.  For example:

  • A web interface with responsive design allows you to choose and deploy Cloud HPC after the initial instance in the AWS marketplace is launched.
  • Simplified management of HPC resources and applications for the cloud with support for schedulers such as Torque, Condor or Hadoop YARN.
  • CloudyCluster provides compute instances with an extensive set of open HPC applications, dynamically configured for access to storage. All instances within a compute group are based on the same image and the same instance type.  Compute groups can be paused and restarted to reduce AWS charges for times when computation is not required.
  • Highly available working or scratch storage is based on OrangeFS. If an OrangeFS instance fails, another instance that is currently running will take its place and automatically re-attach to the appropriate EBS volumes and continue to operate. You control the HA working or scratch storage, selecting its size and number of failover instances.
  • WebDAV is an available option that provides direct access to working and home storage.
  • If selected, home/NFS storage is available and configured automatically.
  • Collaboration is another major CloudyCluster feature that allows additional users to access your AWS compute resources. The solution lets you send invitations to potential collaborators. You can dynamically provision shared Google groups and folders and folders for enhanced collaboration.

Sign up for Beta Testing

CloudyCluster will be going into beta in the very near future.  To participate, fill out the Beta Request form on the CloudyCluster web site by clicking here.

Two Solutions, Same Support

CloudyCluster will receive the same level of development and support that Omnibond provides for OrangeFS.

OrangeFS is an integral part of a CloudyCluster implementation. It provides the high availability, parallel storage, retrieval and management of large data sets running on HPC Clusters composed of many storage nodes networked together and containing massive amounts of information.

Because it is an object-based posix compatible file system, OrangeFS easily handles the high levels of performance demanded by HPC and Big Data applications concurrently.

Omnibond Support Services

Although based on open source technology, CloudyCluster and OrangeFS do not exist in a vacuum. Omnibond provides the support and development necessary to keep the solutions moving forward as HPC and Big Data requirements change.

The company’s team of professional software engineers fully supports CloudyCluster and OrangeFS users – solving problems and issuing patches when needed and performing design, performance, and targeted development services.

If you are thinking about moving your HPC applications into the cloud, take a close look at CloudyCluster and OrangeFS – life could be so much simpler.

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