EOFS and OpenSFS Obtain Lustre Assets from Seagate

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SeagateToday Seagate announced an agreement to transfer assets relating to the Lustre.org to Open Scalable File Systems, Inc. (OpenSFS) and European Open Filesystem SCE (EOFS). OpenSFS and EOFS are trusted stewards of the Lustre distributed file software community and will jointly manage Lustre.org. Seagate continues to demonstrate a commitment to Lustre through financial contributions to OpenSFS at the highest ‘Promoter’ level and as an active board member. Seagate has deep involvement with OpenSFS and EOFS on all levels and is one of the largest code contributors to the Lustre code tree.

Seagate believes that direct involvement enabling core capabilities as well as fostering the addition of new application environments is critical to open source community vitality, especially for Lustre which is a foundation for much of the success of high performance computing among science, government and business community leaders,” said Ken Claffey, Vice President of ClusterStor, Seagate Cloud Systems and Solutions. “Our work with OpenStack Swift, the Open Compute Project (OCP), OpenSFS, EOFS and now Hadoop is just the beginning. We are committed to driving open source innovation and partnering with open source communities as they develop cutting-edge enabling technologies that are foundational for the entire industry.”

This news follows Seagate’s recent announcement to make its Ethernet Drive interface specification and T-Card development adapter available to the Open Compute Project in January of this year.

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