Mark Your Calendars: Here are the SC Conference Cities Through 2020

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SC15ColorSoftShadowSC14 was an amazing experience for me in that I got to meet a lot of you readers for the first time. I know I bounce all over the exhibit floor like Ricochet Rabbit, but please know that I appreciate you all very much. I am grateful.

The SC conference will go hit the following cities in the future:

  • SC15: Austin, Texas
  • SC16: Salt Lake City, UT
  • SC17: Denver, Colorado
  • SC18: Dallas, Texas
  • SC19: Denver, Colorado
  • SC20: Atlanta, Georgia

UPDATED 11/18/2019:

  • SC21: St. Louis
  • SC22: Dallas
  • SC23: Unknown
  • SC24: Atlanta

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  1. Rich,

    Don’t you think that your commentary about SC16 is a little unnecessary? Believe it or not, there are those of us in the HPC community, who call the SLC area home, and quite like it here. I suspect I’m not alone in being a bit disappointed in the lack of professionalism.

    Besides, it’s not like it’s been much of a secret:

    • Sorry to slam your home town. I just think it was a bad decision and the SC12 attendance numbers speak for themselves.

      • You’re certainly welcome to have your own opinion. I just think that comments like the one in the article, and in this comment board, are disappointing at least, especially from someone involved in news/journalism.

        There have been cities that have hosted SC that I didn’t particularly enjoy either, but I promise you that you won’t find me disparaging any them on any online platform, and certainly not in my professional capacity. Perhaps reserving the negative opinions for personal twitter accounts, or personal blogs, would be better than including them in the professional ones.

        Having said that, you didn’t censor the comments here, and I suspect you could have, so perhaps I’m misjudging you.

  2. Paul Hargrove says

    Rich Brueckner writes:
    “SC16: Salt Lake City (Thanks for nothing, SC Committee. What? Was your first choice the Vatican and it happened to be booked for that week? And where can I get some of that stuff you were smoking?)”

    Such religious-themed bigotry is entirely inappropriate and you should be ashamed.

    Seriously though, SC12 was in Salt Lake and (except for the snow fall) things went very well there. The city is friendly and despite the misconceptions of the ignorant, alcohol is readily available.

    Maybe Rich was looking for a return to Reno (SC07) where the taxi drivers were constantly asking male attendees if they wanted to visit the brothels?

    • You know what, Paul? I was talking about Prohibition, not Religion. Look it up. It’s alive and well in Utah. It didn’t work and it enriched criminals. Our own government even was so brainwashed by that bullshit that they actually poisoned liquor so that imbibers would sicken and die.

      If you want to have a debate on the merits of Salt Lake City, I’m happy to listen. Been there. Too cold. And there’s nothing there to do when the ski hills are closed.

      • “I was talking about Prohibition, not Religion.”

        Even if that was what you intended, perhaps you can understand the confusion when you referenced the Vatican, but didn’t actually reference alcohol (I assume that’s the type of prohibition you’re talking about) in your original comment.

        From my experience in SLC, I don’t think you would have that hard a time finding alcohol. But since I don’t drink myself, I can’t say for certain, but the opportunity to purchase does seem to present itself quite often when I’m there.

    • If you think that there are no brothels in SLC, I’ve got news for you.

  3. Hi Rich –
    Do you have an update on this now to get us through 2025? Thanks. 🙂