MetaFlows Deploys Network Defenses for the Entire Internet Community at SC14

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MetaFlows announced the deployment of its 10 Gbps solution in support of  SC14. The SCinet Network Operation Center will use the MetaFlows security system (MSS) as one of the key operational components in securing the conference’s  network infrastructure. MetaFlows’ innovative network antivirus, sandboxing and real-time behavioral analysis is deployed as a 64-core 10 Gbps appliance capable of sustaining deep-packet inspection and real-time multi-session correlation up 5 Gbps.
In an era of dissolving network perimeters, security practitioners need a solution that protects the network from the inside out,” said Livio Ricciulli, CEO and Chief Scientist of MetaFlows.  “MetaFlows is the first to offer a solution on the market to provide this level of protection.”
Traditional cyber-security defenses are asymmetric: the attackers collaborate globally while security vendors struggle independently. MetaFlows disrupts this trend by using multiple, collaborative network intelligence sources at once to detect security issues (SourceFire, Emerging Threats, Virus Total, OSSEC, Nessus, Mod_security, Cuckoo, Yara, etc).
Unlike perimeter security systems, the MSS performs multifunctional traffic analysis looking for multiple red flags in the behavior of hosts on the internal network. As cyber-threats are detected (regardless of how they get in), they are shut down and reported through a browser-based security console.Sign up for our insideHPC Newsletter.