An Open Letter from Intel’s Raj Hazra: Entering the Era of Code Modernization

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Raj_HazraIn this introduction letter to the Print ‘n Fly Guide to SC14 New Orleans, Intel’s Raj Hazra describes the grand challenge of code modernization that faces the HPC community.


On behalf of the entire Intel team, we are honored and humbled to once again serve as the keystone of this amazing community, bringing together so many community voices to discuss the tremendous accomplishments and future direction of HPC.

As the SC14 theme has echoed so clearly, HPC does matter. HPC is foundational to changing the quality of life for everyone on this planet, and at Intel, we continue our unswerving commitment to drive new levels of collaboration, bringing together the brightest minds to enrich and expand every aspect of the global HPC ecosystem.

HPC has reached a critical inflection point. The early signs of market transformation are evident as unprecedented volumes of data drive expanded uses of HPC with far-reaching societal, technological and economic impact. These impacts won’t just be confined to the world of HPC users but also indirectly, intrinsically, to other beneficiaries that don’t even know they are using HPC technology. This new world of ‘HPC Everywhere’ will require unprecedented innovation. The next generation of systems will require tightly integrated hardware and software co-design efforts, and thousands of existing applications will require some level of code modernization in order to take full advantage of massively parallel, many-core systems.

We all need to face these challenges – together.

To help drive and support an urgently needed infrastructure of open, portable and scalable applications, Intel launched the Intel Parallel Computing Centers Program last year, an initiative that has been highly successful, now approaching 50 member organizations touching more than 70 critically important codes. At SC14, we’ll celebrate the one year anniversary of this important program.

The Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor and the Intel Xeon family of processors are at the heart of more than 85% of the systems on the TOP 500 , but today Intel is much more than just the processors for which we are so well known. Intel Architecture, technology and products touch every point of the HPC ecosystem.

Intel’s booth this year will feature over 50 theater presentations, some truly amazing demos showing the power and versatility of the Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor as the catalyst to code modernization, (see this page for the Intel Booth Guide), and a new feature at the Intel booth reflecting Intel’s far reaching collaborative efforts throughout the HPC ecosystem, the Intel Community Hub, an area dedicated to interactive discussions with you, the members of the HPC community, on a wide range of topics and discussions.

There is no other ecosystem that enjoys and benefits from the diverse collaboration and spirited coopetition that is indigenous to HPC – an ecosystem touched at every point by Intel Architecture.

Intel has been at the forefront of parallel supercomputing for 25 years, and with the support of the HPC community, we’ll continue in this market leading position for many years to come.

We look forward to seeing you at the Intel booth (booth # 1315) and we hope you have a very enjoyable and productive visit to SC14 and New Orleans.

Rajeeb Hazra
Intel Vice President, Data Center Group
Intel General Manager, Technical Computing Group

The Print ‘n Fly Guide to SC14 New Orleans is designed to be an in-flight magazine custom tailored for your journey to the Big Easy at SC14. Sponsored by Intel, the Guide will feature articles on code modernization.

Table of Contents: Print ‘n Fly Guide to SC14 New Orleans 

The Print ‘n Fly Guide to SC14 New Orleans is now available for download.

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