Podcast: Dell Plans Exciting Panels for SC14

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imgresIn this podcast, Dell Fellow Jimmy Pike describes coming attractions at the Dell booth #1739 at SC14.

Are you ready for what promises to be another successful SC? Join us at the Dell Beignet Theater for two fascinating panels hosted by Rich Brueckner, president, insideHPC.

Rich Brueckner

Rich Brueckner

HPC in the Cloud: The Overcast has Cleared
Wednesday, Nov 19, 1:30 – 2:30 p.m.
Panelists include:

  • Muhammad Atif, Ph.D., National Computational Infrastructure (NCI), The Australian National University (ANU)
  • Larry Smarr, Ph.D., UC San Diego
  • Roger Rintala, Intelligent Light
  • Boyd Wilson, Clemson University & Omnibond

SUMMARY:  Cloud delivery of HPC has progressed at a much slower rate than we’ve seen in the enterprise where it has become the standard way that business approaches IT. Has the day come where we will start to see private and public clouds at the defacto way we get things done in high performance computing? In this panel, we will hear from the thought leaders that are blazing these trails in practice every day, delivering utility computing cycles to scientists, researchers, and engineers.

Data Intensive Computing:  The Gorilla behind the Computation
Wednesday, Nov 19, 3:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Panelists include:

  • Ken Buetow, Ph.D., Arizona State University
  • Erik Deumens, Ph.D.,University of Florida
  • Niall Gafney, Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC)
  • William Law, Stanford University

SUMMARY: Back before the SC conference series, the pioneers of vector supercomputing soon found that their ability to ever-increase computation speeds was hampered by the ability to move and store data. While today’s HPC clusters have changed the way we compute, the Data Gorilla is as strong and formidable as ever. In this panel, you’ll hear from the vanguard of university researchers, who have embraced new technologies, methods, and approaches to data-intensive computing—even one’s inspired by the tremendous adoption of technologies as alien to HPC as Hadoop and MapReduce.

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  1. Hello, where can I find the video for the presentation HPC in the Cloud: The Overcast has Cleared. I am interested in Dr Muhammad Atif’s interview and presentation. Where can I find this online?