ScaleMP Continues Momentum With New Release and Innovative Customers

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scalempToday ScaleMP announced the 6.0 release of its vSMP Foundation software. vSMP Foundation aggregates multiple, industry-standard, x86 servers into one single virtual high-end system.

Available now, the software offers the following new features:

  • Star-Connect: connect multiple systems in memory-expansion (MEX) mode without InfiniBand switch, only to primary board. Star-Connect supports link redundancy and backplane load-balancing.
  • Significant performance improvements for MEX mode
  • Significant performance improvements for AnyIO
  • Support for Intel Xeon E5-26xx v3 processors
  • Automatic manipulation of Linux command line switches, for easier and optimal system tuning.

vSMP Foundation from ScaleMP continues to enable leading organizations to solve difficult problems or make new discoveries. In 2014, notable repeat clients extending and expanding their ScaleMP footprint include Navy Research Labs (United States), The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation (United States); National Institute of Health (United States); Earthquake Research Institute (Japan); The Institute of Statistical Mathematics (Japan); National Center for Biological Sciences (India); Celgene (Spain); and Ghent University (Belgium).

New client wins include marquee organizations such as Army Research Labs (United States); National Center for High-Performance Computing (Taiwan); National Laboratory for Scientific Computing (Brazil); National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention (Japan); Kyoto University (Japan); Siemens Research and Technology Centre (India).

Together with our channel partners, ScaleMP continues to innovate and deliver systems that are in demand by leading organizations,” said Shai Fultheim, CEO and founder, ScaleMP. “We are working with the world’s leading software companies to take large systems that were previously used for high-performance computing environments into enterprise workflows, such as big data and analytics. Very large memory systems are critical to giving a wide range of users the ability to analyze and decipher terabytes of data quickly in order to make critical business decisions.”

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