How Altair’s Display Manager Saves Workflow Time at Ping Golf

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In this video from SC14, Eric Morales from Ping Golf describes how the company uses Display Manager software from Altair to optimize their CFD workflow designing new golf clubs.

Display Manager is our most significant functionality update since the move to HPC itself,” said Eric Morales, Engineer and Design Analyst at Ping Golf. “In most cases we are saving a full day of time or more. We get instant feedback, make the change and have enough time to view the results of those changes the same day. Before the upgrade we wouldn’t get those results until mid to late morning the next day, and wouldn’t get the updated structure until end of the next day. Display Manager has greatly improved the speed and efficiency of our process.”

Full Transcript:

insideHPC: What are we looking at here?

Eric Morales: Right here, we’re talking about everything we’ve done with HPC and computational fluid dynamics, and we optimized this to improve the airflow over the driver. What that’s going to do is it’s going to allow the golfer to get more club head velocity, which translates into longer drives. And what we’re doing is, it’s a simple change. We improved the airflow around the club by adding these features. You look here at a normal club, and the airflow splits off right away and creates this huge wake, which is going to generate a lot of drag, which is just going to slow you down. By adding these features right here – what we call turbulators – we added these, and it disrupts the flow, and it changes the boundary layer, and it reduces the wake, and it prevents that separation longer so you have a smaller wake, less drag. Just by doing your normal swing, you’re going to get a higher club head speed, which is going to translate into longer drives.

insideHPC: It’s more aerodynamic?

Eric Morales: Yeah, and we did all of this using HPC.

insideHPC: Okay. I wanted to ask you about Display Manager — how does it come into play in the way you do your work?

Eric Morales: Using Display Manager has really saved us a lot of time. It’s the most significant thing we’ve done since the original jump to HPC. Mainly because everyday I would spend two to three hours copying data from the server to my desk, just so I could open it. But with Display Manager, I can open the results directly on the headnote and I can see exactly what we’ve done, get that data back to the engineer, and get right on to the next iteration. It’s saving us almost half a day, everyday, and it really streamlines our process and gets us to that final answer so much quicker.

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