Indian Research Labs Speed Code Development with Allinea

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Scientists at the CSIR Council of Scientific and Industrial Research in India are accelerating their work thanks to profiling and debugging tools from Allinea Software. Based in 38 laboratories across the country, CSIR researchers work on a broad range of disciplines spanning from earth science to chemistry and biology. Developers in each laboratory create HPC code to run on CSIR’s 1,088 node supercomputing facility in Bangalore.

CSOR is now using the entire Allinea Forge development tool suite, which includes the Allinea MAP performance profiler and the Allinea DDT debugging tool.

One particular interest we have is in embedding new ecosystem models into MOM – a complex ocean general circulation software developed by Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, Princeton University, said Dr. PS Swathi, Senior Principal Scientist at CSIR-4PI. “It would have been impossible to do this without the help of Allinea Software’s tools, which have allowed us to track the code in great detail and illustrated the hooks in the main code to embed new models.”

Dr Swathi also reports that making debugging an essential component of his programming classes has resulted in “increasing students’ confidence in their ability to code, preparing them to tackle bigger problems involving parallel programming”.

Thangavelu is now planning to bring developers from many of CSIR’s laboratories to Bangalore for a training session in using Allinea Software’s tools.

Allinea Software has been very helpful and we are looking forward to a very active collaboration with the company as we augment our facility further,” Thangavelu says.

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