Piz Daint and Piz Dora: Productive, Heterogeneous Supercomputing

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In this video from the Nvidia Theater at SC14, Thomas Schulthess from CSCS in Switzerland presents: Piz Daint and Piz Dora: A Productive, Heterogeneous Supercomputing Infrastructure for Science.

The Cray XC30 system at CSCS, which includes “Piz Daint”, the most energy efficient peta-scale supercomputer in operation today, has been extended with additional multi-core CPU cabinets (aka “Piz Dora”). In this heterogeneous system we unify a variety for high-end computing services – extreme scale compute, data analytics, pre- and post processing, as well as visualization – that are all important parts for the scientific workflow. Besides reviewing the successes for “Piz Daint” I will discuss how integration of multiple services into one platform shows promise to enhance productivity of our users.

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