Tesla K80 GPU Sets New Records on STAC-A2 Financial Benchmark

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stacToday STAC, the financial industry benchmarking organization, announced record performance results on the new Tesla K80 Dual-GPU Accelerator. In the STAC-A2 benchmark, which helps financial institutions and banks better manage risk, the Tesla K80 GPU swept performance records across the board.

Developed with leading banks, STAC-A2 measures the performance of various platforms for pricing and market risk analytics. Financial institutions can use these benchmarks to help decide which computing solutions will best manage market risk – a task that has taken on greater importance since the 2008 financial crisis. Better risk management ultimately means lower risk. That’s a huge benefit for any investor, particularly those holding or managing retirement portfolios. With the Tesla platform, financial institutions have a powerful collection of technologies, including Tesla GPUs, system software, and developer tools, to accelerate their datacenter workloads dedicated to minimizing risk.


For more information on NVIDIA GPUs in computational finance please visit their website.