Video: With AWS, HPC Now Means ‘High Personal Computing’

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In this video from the AWS: re:Invent conference, Sergio Mafra from ONS and Ricardo Geh from AWS present: HPC Now Means ‘High Personal Computing’.

Since 2011, ONS (responsible for planning and operating the Brazilian Electric Sector) has been using AWS to run daily simulations using complex mathematical models. The use of the MIT StarCluster toolkit makes running HPC on AWS much less complex and lets ONS provision a high performance cluster in less than 5 minutes. Since the elapsed time of a big cluster depends of the user, ONS decide to develop a HPC portal where its engineers can interface with AWS and MIT StarCluster without knowing a line of code or having to use the command terminal. It is just a simple turn-on/turn-off portal. The cluster now gets personal, and every engineer runs the models using HPC on AWS as if they are using a PC.

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