House Hearing: Supercomputing and American Technology Leadership

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David Turek, VP, Technical Computing, IBM

David Turek, VP, Technical Computing, IBM

In this video, the Subcommittee on Energy holds a January 28 hearing on “Supercomputing and American Technology Leadership.”

Today, we will hear from a distinguished panel of witnesses about the importance of high performance computing to American technological competitiveness, specifically focusing on the Department of Energy’s Advanced Scientific Computing Research program, also known as the “ASCR” program within the Office of Science. High performance computing provides a platform for breakthroughs in all scientific research, and accelerates applications of scientific breakthroughs across our economy. Progress in computing has paved the way for breakthroughs in medical imaging, genetics research, manufacturing, engineering, and weapons development. Faster computing speeds have revolutionized the energy sector, improving the efficiency of energy production and aiding in distribution technologies. Advances in modeling and algorithm development offer opportunities for scientific discovery in fields where experiments are too difficult, costly, or dangerous to conduct, reducing costs and opening the door to more innovative discoveries.


  • Mr. Norman Augustine, Board Member, Bipartisan Policy Center (Transcript)
  • Dr. Roscoe Giles, Chairman, DOE Advanced Scientific Computing Advisory Committee (Transcript)
  • Mr. David Turek, Vice President, Technical Computing, IBM (Transcript)
  • Dr. James Crowley, Executive Director, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (Transcript)

The work underway in the ASCR program drives breakthroughs in high performance computing. The Department of Energy’s national labs host world-class computational science facilities, and the department funds the applied mathematical and computational science research that will drive the next stage of advancement in this field. As we face the reality of ongoing budget constraints in Washington, it is our job in Congress to ensure that taxpayer dollars are spent wisely, on innovative research that is in the national interest, and provides the best chance for broad impact and long-term success. The basic research conducted within the ASCR program clearly meets this requirement. High performance computing can lead to scientific discoveries, economic growth, and will maintain America’s leadership in science and technology.”

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