Hyped Technologies that Won’t Shine in 2015

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Enrico Signoretti

Enrico Signoretti

Over at the Juku Blog, Enrico Signoretti writes of five hyped datacenter technologies that we wont manage to shine in 2015.

The list includes some things I agree with:

100% Flash (in the datacenter). It won’t happen any time soon. Many (most?) tier one workloads will be moved to flash of course, but data is adding up so quickly that it’s highly unlikely you will be seeing a 100% datacenter any time soon. It will take a few years to have about 10/20% of data stored on flash and the rest will remain on huge hard disks (cheap 10+TB hard disks will soon be broadly available for example). For mid-sized businesses, hybrid will be around for even longer than a few years, just because a different strategy is not affordable. From my point of view, it will be much easier to see caching technology used to fill the gap between space and performance before seeing Flash surpassing that 10/20% I’m referring to. Products and technologies like the ones in the hands of Diablo technologies and software players like PernixData or Infinio (just to name a few) will be slowing down this process even further and, over time, we will see more large-scale hybrid solutions supporting fast access to the data lakes enterprises are starting to build. And, of course, this doesn’t mean that Flash vendors won’t be growing like crazy this year!

He goes on to list Object storage and Openstack as not ready for prime time. I’m thinking he will be proven on wrong on these counts, but I don’t claim to be an expert on either topic.

The part where I think he is missing the boat is on Containerization and technologies like Docker.

If 2014 was the year of hype, 2015 will be the year of maturity and 2016 will be all about adoption. Long story short, this won’t be the year for containers but most of the needed backend and enabling tools will be maturing this year.The excitement is very high and most vendors will be supporting (if they haven’t already done so) this technology soon on their products. Not to mention how much developers love this technology! I can’t wait to see it on Windows Server for example. With some abstraction layers, that are already present but still immature, even some traditional applications could be (partially) redesigned with minimal effort to work into a container… and when some traditional (and mission critical) applications hit the containers I think it will become a huge success. Even if they are not related at all, I won’t be surprised to see a more successful story with containers (and some specific cloud management tool for them) than with Openstack in general… it won’t happen in 2015 for sure (at least not all of this), but 2016 will see a lot of end users (even traditional ones) adopting it.

In my view, 2015 will be huge for Container technology. We’ll even see it here in the HPC space more and more to the point where supercomputing becomes an innovation driver for the technology. Ok, call it a stretch goal.

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