Jack Dongarra Presents: Matrix Numerical Library for GPU and Multicore Architectures

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In this video from the Nvidia Theater at SC14, Jack Dongarra presents: MAGMA: Matrix Numerical Library for GPU and Multicore Architectures.

MAGMA (Matrix Algebra on GPU and Multicore Architectures) is a collection of next generation linear algebra libraries for heterogeneous architectures. MAGMA is designed and implemented by the team that developed LAPACK and ScaLAPACK, incorporating the latest developments in hybrid synchronization- and communication-avoiding algorithms, as well as dynamic runtime systems. Interfaces for the current LAPACK and BLAS standards are supported to allow computational scientists to seamlessly port any linear algebra reliant software components to heterogeneous architectures. MAGMA allows applications to fully exploit the power of current heterogeneous systems of multi/many-core CPUs and multi-GPUs to deliver the fastest possible time to accurate solution within given energy constraints.

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  1. I believe the link to the Poster is incorrect. It links to an NVIDIA presentation that contains no mention of MAGMA. Thanks!