Nvidia Rolls Tegra X1: Supercomputer on a Chip

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In this video from the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, Jen-Hsun Huang from Nvidia presents: Visual Computing – The Road Ahead.

In the first big news of this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang unveiled the new 256-core chip, which uses the same Maxwell architecture deployed in the world’s top gaming graphics cards. Slated to arrive in products during the first half of the year, Tegra X1 provides more power than a supercomputer the size of a suburban family home from 15 years ago.

Next up, he showed what Tegra X1 can do by revealing NVIDIA DRIVE computers for the car.

Your future cars will be the most advanced computers in the world,” Jen-Hsun told a crowd of more than 350 reporters, analysts and partners packed into a ballroom at the Four Season’s Hotel. “There will be more computing horsepower inside a car than anything you own today.”

If you don’t have the bandwidth to watch the keynote, you can read the LiveBlog for the play-by-play.

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  1. Why is Road Runner (the first petaflop/s machine) in the title, when the slides refer to ASCI Red, which was the first teraflop/s machine?

  2. Because someone mixed them up. To see Roadrunner performance in a single chip we’ll have to wait another 15 years. Hopefully those chips will be easier to code for than Cell BE.