SGI Solutions for CAE Applications

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The adoption of computer aided engineering (CAE) powered by high performance computing (HPC) is one of key factors fueling the re-birth of manufacturing.  SGI offers an HPC environment that is ideal for CAE applications which includes:

  • HPC Resource and Workload Scheduling – Supports the management of large complex applications, dynamic and unpredictable workloads, and optimizes limited computing resources. SGI offers several solutions:
    • Altair Engineering PBS Professional – SGI’s preferred workload management tool for technical computing scaling across SGI’s clusters and servers.
    • Adaptive Computing Moab HPC Suite Basic Edition– Enables intelligent predictive scheduling for workloads on scalable systems.
  • CAE Application Web Portal–
    • SGI offers NICE Software EnginFrame – Managed HPC and cloud environment and customizable web application portal.
  • Remote Visualization-
    • SGI VizServer® system with NICE Desktop Cloud Visualization™ (DCV) software is a commercially supported hardware and software solution that delivers efficient and optimized remote access to graphic-intensive, off-the-shelf 3D applications running on both Windows® and Linux® desktop environments, including major CAD and CAE visualization software.

SGI MFG WP - Cover Sm.This article is part of 5 article series on how HPC is helping to Fuel the Growth in Manufacturing. This white paper was created by the editors of insideHPC and underwritten by SGI and Intel.

Key Features

  • Hardware and software solution for optimized remote 3D visualization
  • Full GPU acceleration for off-the-shelf OpenGL® applications
  • GPU sharing across multiple users
  • Collaborative session sharing of remote 3D data

SGI also provides all the HPC computing and storage capabilities required to handle typical CAE workflows such as:

  • CAD model creation
  • Mesh generation
  • Model decomposition
  • Running solvers
  • Viewing results
  • Adjustment and repeat

Next week we will examine some case studies of how manufactures are using HPC and CAE to drive growth.  If you prefer you can download the complete article series from the insideHPC White Paper Library courtesy of SGI and Intel.