Supercomputing the 1000 MPH Car at HPC Wales

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bloodhound01In a bid to break the world land speed record of 1000 miles an hour, the UK’s largest distributed general supercomputing network is challenging schools in Wales with the ultimate science project.

A number of selected schools will put forward teams to participate in the competition based on the Bloodhound SSC design, exploring a number of variables and working with teachers and engineers to test and modify their designs through the HPC Wales national supercomputing network. Prizes will be awarded during an event to the teams who achieve the fastest result and the best presentation.

Through Supersonic Cymru, HPC Wales is delighted to be opening up opportunities for pupils in Challenge Cymru Schools to experience supercomputing first hand,” said Rick Hillum, CEO, HPC Wales. “Based on the Bloodhound Supersonic Car, this innovative competition will provide pupils with hands on experience of engineering tools and systems through access to technology usually used by Welsh academics, PhD students and businesses.”

As part of the project, Pupils will be introduced to a web-portal and access to state of the art aerodynamics analysis software, especially designed by Welsh SME Zenotech, and encouraged to systematically modify the cars’ design parameters and analyse distance, speed and acceleration data online while also conducting classroom experiments to understand sound and aerodynamics to create a model suitable of breaking the land speed record.

HPC Wales will host a launch event for the project at Techniquest in Cardiff Bay on March 22.

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