Deploying Collaborative Multilevel Security at Big Data and HPC Scale

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This article series is the first to explore the Seagate ClusterStor™ Secure Data Appliance, which is designed to address government and business enterprise need for collaborative and secure information sharing within a Multilevel Security (MLS) framework at Big Data and HPC Scale. Compared to prior methods, this provides vast cost savings in reduced capital equipment and networks as well as reduced operational complexity, floor space, weight, power, and cooling while satisfying today’s requirements for performance, collaborative secure data sharing, and availability.

Overview of the Challenges with Multilevel Security

Seagate Multilevel Security Cov.If anything, recent data security leaks and hacks should have taught us one thing…whether it is government or commercial intelligence, keeping sensitive information out of the wrong hands raises significant technical challenges, especially when that information needs to be shared between agencies, business units, or individuals.

Collaborations that span multiple teams or agencies sharing sensitive data using a secure method are an urgent and critical concern for both commerce and governments around the world. This requires guarding against insider threats that have administrative root-login access, protecting sensitive data on a strict need to know basis, as well as securely encrypting data in-flight and data at rest.

What happens when problem size and data volume expand to such a level that they require the sorts of storage and compute capacities usually found in Big Data or High Performance Computing (HPC) facilities? In addition, how can the need for timely analyses be balanced against the need to dynamically shift workload and resources while continuing to assure data security and cost-effectively manage access in environments of such scale?

To help understand more about secure information sharing at Big Data and HPC scale, this article series examines recent developments for implementing and deploying an effective data security environment that keeps sensitive data private while efficiently satisfying the need for dynamic collaboration, high performance and massive data storage capacity.

Next week’s article will examine the problem of securing multiple confidential data classifications in a Multilevel Security (MLS) environment. If you prefer you can download the entire article series in PDF format from the insideHPC White Paper Library courtesy of Seagate.


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