Come to Portland! MPI 3.1 is Just Around the Corner

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Jeff Squyres

Jeff Squyres

Over at Cisco’s High Performance Computing Networking Blog, Jeff Squyres writes that MPI 3.1 is coming soon.

The next MPI Forum meeting will take place March 2-5 in Portland, Oregon. One of the major topics on the agenda will be voting on the MPI 3.1 standard. There are a few noteworthy changes in MPI-3.1:

  • There was an inconsistency in how BIND(C) was used in the new mpi_f08 module (i.e., the Fortran ’08 bindings). This has been fixed.
  • There were inconsistencies in how PMPI-based profiling was defined for the mpi_f08 module. These have been fixed.
  • There are new functions for address integer arithmetic to help prevent overflow and underflow.
  • Several functions have been declared to be always thread safe (e.g., even if the MPI process is running as MPI_THREAD_SINGLE), such as MPI_INITIALIZED, MPI_FINALIZED, etc.
  • Immediate versions of non-blocking I/O collectives have been added.
  • There’s also a bunch of smaller errata that were fixed, and zillions of typos and other small improvements to text that did not change any semantics.

Squyres notes that the plan is to vote on MPI-3.1 as a whole document at the upcoming March meeting. Your participation is encouraged.

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