Saul Perlmutter presents: Data, Computation, and the Fate of the Universe

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In this video from the NERSC Nobel Lecture Series, Nobel Prize winner Saul Perlmutter presents: Data, Computation, and the Fate of the Universe.

I think it’s a very interesting period for human cosmology because it’s a golden age in which every ten years we learn breathtaking new parts of the story. We have never before been able to do that in human history – to have the chance we have now to look at and understand the universe we live in. We will find bigger and bigger surprises as we move along.  Already we’re discovering that the universe is not a simple, static place; we now know that it’s expanding and this expansion is accelerating. We also know that behavior of the universe is changing – its gone through periods of rapid acceleration, then slowed, then speeded up. We also know now that some of the basics of how the universe works have changed. Which is remarkable. We have assumed that we lived with a simple set of laws, but apparently some very big attributes of the universe are contingent. This is our opportunity to think about the universe in which we live in ways that are very different from how we think about it now.

Download the Slides (PDF) * Read our exclusive insideHPC interview with Saul Permutter from SC13.

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