Video: Inside the Raijin Supercomputer Down Under

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In this video, Questacon visits NCI to take a look at Raijin, the southern hemisphere’s first petaflop super computer. The National Computational Infrastructure is Australia’s national research computing facility, providing world-class services to Australian researchers, industry and government.

NCI_Raijin_web-1-695x462Raijin, named after the Shinto God of thunder, lightning and storms, is a Fujitsu Primergy high-performance, distributed-memory cluster, procured with funding from the Australian Government. The supercomputer entered production in June, 2013.

System specifications:

  • 57,472 cores (Intel Xeon Sandy Bridge technology, 2.6 GHz) in 3592 compute nodes
  • 160 TBytes of main memory
  • Infiniband FDR interconnect
  • 10 PByte filesystem
  • Peak performance of 1.2 Petaflops

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