Video: Panel Discussion on OpenACC Requirements

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In this video from the University of Houston CACDS HPC Workshop, Duncan Poole from the OpenACC Standards Group moderates a panel discussion on OpenACC. Panelists (left to right): Michael Wolfe (PGI), Eric Stotzer (TI), Jeff Larkin (NVIDIA) Fernanda Foertter (ORNL), Maxime Hughes (Total S.A.), and John Levesque (Cray).

The OpenACC Application Program Interface describes a collection of compiler directives to specify loops and regions of code in standard C, C++ and Fortran to be offloaded from a host CPU to an attached accelerator. OpenACC is designed for portability across operating systems, host CPUs, and a wide range of accelerators, including APUs, GPUs, and many-core coprocessors. The directives and programming model defined in the OpenACC API document allow programmers to create high-level host+accelerator programs without the need to explicitly initialize the accelerator, manage data or program transfers between the host and accelerator, or initiate accelerator startup and shutdown.

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  1. Are they drinking beer ?