Video: Preparing OpenSHMEM for Exascale

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In this video from the 2015 Stanford HPC Conference, Pavel Shamis from ORNL presents: Preparing OpenSHMEM for Exascale.

OpenSHMEM is a partitioned global address space (PGAS) one-sided communications library that enables remote memory access (RMA) across processing elements (PEs). Its API allows data to be transferred from one PE memory space to another PE’s symmetric memory space; decoupling the data transfers from synchronizations. OpenSHMEM is useful for applications that are latency driven or that have irregular communication patterns, because its one-sided API can be mapped very efficiently to hardware (e.g. RDMA interconnects, etc), and its one-sided programming model helps the overlapping of communication with computation. Summit is Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s next high performance supercomputer system that will be based on a many core/GPU hybrid architecture. In order to prepare OpenSHMEM for future systems, it is important to enhance its programming model to enable efficient utilization of the new hardware capabilities (e.g. massive multithreaded systems, accesses different type memories, next generation of interconnects, etc). This session will present recent advances in the area of OpenSHMEM extensions, implementations, and tools.”

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