IBM Platform Computing Delivers New HPC Cloud Offerings

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High Performance Computing (HPC) users are always looking for more performance at a lower cost. In the past, organizations would purchase specific sets of servers that would be destined for a specific workload.  When that workload changed or was modified, the existing systems that had been acquired  may or may not be able to run efficiently or be the best choice for the application. In addition, the CAPEX and OPEX costs would rise.  Learn how IBM Platform Computing is transforming isolated clusters and grids into flexible, dynamic, high performance private, hybrid and public clouds.

Clusters that are purchased for specific applications tend not to be flexible as workloads change. What is needed is an infrastructure that can expand or contract as the workload changes, depending on user requirements and demands. IBM, a recognized leader in High Performance Computing is applying its expertise in both HPC and Cloud computing to bring together the technologies to create the HPC Cloud. HPC Cloud offerings from IBM allow for the creation of high performance private, hybrid and public clouds.

With a private cloud, resources can be allocated, within a corporate data center, based on user requirements and business priorities. When the user community compute needs exceed that of an internal data center (or portion allocated for their use), a hybrid cloud could be implemented, combining the in-house data center and compute cycles off site.  An infrastructure can be expanded to meet the demands of the user base. A public cloud can also be used for the complete workload, if desired.

IBM Platform Computing allows organizations to create and use a Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, or Public Cloud. View this video to learn more about IBM Platform Computing capabilities that include:

  • Dynamic workload management
  • Reprovisioning of resources
  • Infrastrcuture management
  • Web-based interfaces
  • Ready-to-run clusters in the public cloud
  • Global data management and storage

This video shows the benefits of using the IBM Platform Computing software for various cloud use cases  for High Performance Computing. View it now.