IBM’s Dave Turek on the First Look at OpenPOWER Hardware for HPC

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In this video, Dave Turek from IBM provides and update on the OpenPOWER initiative. IBM and Wistron are jointly developing the first OpenPOWER-based high performance computing server using technology from Nvidia and Mellanox. The system will be the debut offering in a series of solutions to be introduced as part of IBM’s OpenPOWER technical computing roadmap, which includes IBM’s future delivery of two systems to Lawrence Livermore and Oak Ridge National Laboratories. The systems are predicted to be five to 10 times faster than today’s leading supercomputers.

This week at the OpenPOWER Summit in San Jose, the Foundation showed off real hardware for the first time with 13 systems including a new microprocessor customized for China. Built collaboratively by OpenPOWER members, the new solutions exploit the POWER architecture to provide more choice, customization and performance to customers, including hyperscale data centers.

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