Podcast: Supermicro Tunes up with New Intel Xeon D-1500

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In this Chip Chat podcast, John Nguyen from Supermicro discusses the new “System on a Chip” Intel Xeon Processor D-1500 and how Supermicro is integrating this new solution into their products. He illustrates how the ability to utilize the small footprint and low power capabilities of the Intel Xeon Processor D-1500 Product Family is facilitating the production of small department servers for enterprise, as well as enabling small businesses to take advantage of the Intel Xeon Processor Family performance.

The Intel Xeon processor D product family offers new options for addressing the growing need for low-power, high density infrastructure solutions, extending Intel technology from the edge of data centers to the network. This provides customers with enhanced intelligence and greater agility to rapidly deliver new services at a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). Also, with server-class reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS) features now available in an ultra-dense, low-power device, telecommunication service providers will be able to deliver intelligent edge networks.

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