Slidecast: New IBTA Volume 1 Specification Release

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In this slidecast, Bill Lee and Rupert Dance from the InfiniBand Trade Association describe the new IBTA Volume 1 Specification Release.

The new release defines new capabilities that will enable computer systems to keep up with the requirements for increased scalability and bandwidth, along with high computing efficiency and high availability for both high performance computing and commercial enterprise data centers.

Volume 1 of the InfiniBand specification suite comprises the core of the InfiniBand Architecture, specifying requirements for InfiniBand switches, routers, host channel adapters and target channel adapters for I/O devices. It also specifies a complete architecture for managing an InfiniBand fabric. Its companion, Volume 2, specifies the physical aspects of the architecture.

New capabilities in release 1.3 of the Volume 1 InfiniBand Architecture Specification present several improvements in terms of scalability and management. Deeper visibility into switch hierarchy and improved diagnostic mechanisms for quicker response time and a smaller impact on the network overall will reduce the complexity of installing, optimizing and maintaining very large clusters. The specification also defines the gathering and reporting of cable information and network statistics for improved network management.

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