Video: Bill Kramer on How Blue Waters Advances Science

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blue waters

In this video, Bill Kramer from NCSA describes the ground-breaking science enabled by the Blue Waters supercomputer.

The Blue Waters system is a Cray XE/XK hybrid machine composed of AMD 6276 “Interlagos” processors (nominal clock speed of at least 2.3 GHz) and NVIDIA GK110 (K20X) “Kepler” accelerators all connected by the Cray Gemini torus interconnect.


Blue Waters Specifications:

  • More than 1.5 petabytes of memory, enough to store 300 million images from your digital camera
  • More than 25 petabytes of disk storage, enough to store all of the printed documents in all of the world’s libraries
  • Up to 500 petabytes of tape storage, enough to store 10 percent of all of the words spoken in the existence of humankind.

Supported by the National Science Foundation and the University of Illinois, Blue Waters went into production on March 28, 2013 and has since provided 8.8 billion core-hours to scientists and engineers across the country.


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