Video: Slim Fly – A Cost Effective Low-Diameter Network Topology

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In this video from the 2015 HPC Advisory Council Switzerland Conference, Torsten Hoefler from ETH Zurich presents: Slim Fly: A Cost Effective Low-Diameter Network Topology.

We introduce a high-performance cost-effective network topology called Slim Fly that approaches the theoretically optimal network diameter. Slim Fly is based on graphs that approximate the solution to the degree-diameter problem. We analyze Slim Fly and compare it to both traditional and state-of-the-art networks. Our analysis shows that Slim Fly has significant advantages over other topologies in latency, bandwidth, resiliency, cost, and power consumption. Finally, we propose deadlock-free routing schemes and physical layouts for large computing centers as well as a detailed cost and power model. Slim Fly enables constructing cost effective and highly resilient datacenter and HPC networks that offer low latency and high bandwidth under different HPC workloads such as stencil or graph computations.”

Download the Slides (PDF) * Download the whitepaper * See more talks in the HPCAC Switzerland Conference Video Gallery

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